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Borseal™ polymers
Borseal™ polymers deliver high quality packaging while improving production efficiency.

Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films have become a popular, high growth film on the world market because of a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier.

BOPP film is used in a variety of applications including:

flexible packaging
pressure sensitive tape
printing and lamination
flower sleeves
cable wrap and insulation
Borseal™ delivers a unique combination of properties

Borouge serves the BOPP market with a homopolymer product in combination with several Borseal™ skin resins. Based on a special molecular structure and stabilisation of the resin, these homopolymers provide optimal mechanical and optical properties, as well as excellent processability.

Borseal™ polymers offer several advantages to producers, packagers and other users of BOPP film. Its high clarity and low haze help producers of film or packagers to create glossy, high-transparency film that enhances the appearance of packaging or other products.

In addition, Borseal™ offers high seal strength, even at low sealing pressures and after surface treatment to keep out moisture and contaminants. The polymer also has a high melting point for easy processing combined with a low seal initiation temperature and a wide sealing window thanks to the balanced polymer structure.

Other benefits include:

Easy stretchability enables fast and smooth processing on high speed FFS (Form, Fill & Sealing) or other machines
Low tackiness and easy jaw release provide good runnability on packaging machines
Low amorphous fraction resulting in low xylene extractables
Low blooming of amorphous and low Mw (molecular weight) fractions and additives, giving stable surface properties
Low migration for metallised film

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